BTA Gives Back

 Fun Day/Night Donations



Allie Castner Scholarship

Every Febuary Burke's Tumbling Academy raises money for the Allie Castner Memorial Scholarship. 50 children gather in BTA with their undecorated cakes, frosting, candy and decorating supplies for our cake decorating contest in honor of Allie's birthday.


  2010- $430

2011- $1,030




Fire Victims

In March 2011, 11 residents and 6 business were destroyed due to a fire on Humphrey Street. Hadley School was also afftected by this fire and kids were out of school for a few days because of the smoke. Hadley School children packed their bags and headed down to BTA from 8:30-2:30. All proceeds went to those who were effected by the fire.


2011- $800





Marguerite Danahy ScholarshipJen Burke (Owner) age 4 with her great grandmother and aunt.

Marguerite (Peggy)  was a elementry school teacher in the town of Swampscott and passed away from MS in 2007. A scholarship is awarded every year to a deseverving receipant and Margurite's name."Peggy was my aunt and one of my biggest role models. She loved teaching, running, and most importantely loved her family. I ran this fundraiser to honor my aunt and to give back to a student in my community"- Jen Burke owner

2010- $420



Other donations:

North Shore Cancer Walk- $280

Brain Tumor Walk- $100

Jarad Raymond Scholarship- $50

St. Jude Hospital- $50