"We can’t say enough about the excellent work Jen and BTA has done on developing our two daughters as cheerleaders, responsible teenagers, and now responsible adults. Jen has been a role model for our daughters, she has taken them under her wing and demonstrated to them how hard work, dedication and perseverance can lead to a successful business opportunity. Her focus on working with each individual one on one and treating each of them with respect is truly a characteristic we admire. In a way she has become a big sister to them. Our daughters have taken what they have learned at BTA, and now coach for BTA. Both will be in college next year and the character they have developed as being part of BTA will serve them well in the future. Having Jen and BTA in our lives has been a wonderful experience. "
Jim and Joni Thayer
"Burke's tumbling academy is exceptional! I have two young girls that have been going to Burkes Tumbling Academy since Jen opened the doors.  As a mother of young children, I could not be more pleased with BTA.  Jen and her staff are amazing.  I have been to many other gyms in the area and BTA is the perfect fit.  My girls were working really hard on developing their gymnastics skills.  I just felt like they needed a little extra encouragement.  At the Gym we were going to I felt like there was no individualization. The kids were placed in large groups and it became really hard for instructors to give any attention to all the kids.  When my girls started at Burkes things changed.  With in a few weeks my girls were progressing and I could not get them out of BTA.  As a result of the positive role modeling and the constant encouragement from Jen and her staff, my kids were doing their back walkovers with in 2 group lessons at BTA.  What a difference, I have different kids! Before, my children,  were very reluctant to try new things and now I can't expose them to enough.  I see them working through challenges they are faced with using the same skills taught at BTA.  All of the Staff at BTA are able to perform at any skill level in order to teach their students safely how to accomplish their goals.  I am amazed at how encouraging all the students are towards each other.  There is a genuine sense of kids wanting other kids to do well.  BTA works hard to promote healthy competition between one another.  Jens teaching style is that success comes with self accomplishment through self esteem and healthy role modeling.   This is the bases for success throughout life.  My kids have been taking lessons from Jen for 5 years and have seen her many accomplishments.  Learning by example and seeing the many challenges she faces has been an outstanding bonus.  I love it!  I love it!! I love It!"
Stephanie Benevento
"I have known Jen Burke since she was a young cheerleader in the Swampscott Pop Warner Program. I have watched her grow from a young girl in Swampscott to an accomplished gymnast, an adored young cheerleader coach on to a bright successful business woman.
Jen started her business, "Tumble with Jen" in her backyard with the help and support of her family. "Tumble with Jen" blossomed from a backyard summer camp into a thriving business front. Children including one of my own - from preschool age to teens have learned how to tumble properly with proper progression to the next level. Jen has continued to grow her business into a state of the art gymnastic facility known as Burke's Tumbling Academy, The facility allows Jen and her highly trained staff to fully teach students what it takes to be a great gymnast as well as offer birthday parties and weekend "fun" nights. In addition to being a patient teacher, Jen is a compassionate person who willingly works with families during a time of personal need to ensure their child's continuation in the program.
Along with her own busy schedule, Jen has managed to help out with the Swampscott Youth Football and Cheering program, whether it was to come to the field to help the girls, or offer her place of business to let the girls practice. Both the students and parents love her.
Jen continues to be an asset to the Swampscott community. I for one am thankful for the support and volunteering she has given the youths of Swampscott."
Patty Waters
Vice President of Swampscott Youth Football and Cheering

"Jen Burke and Burke's Tumbling Academy have become an important part of our daughter's life. We adopted Emma from China at the age of 9 months, she is now 7. She came home a strong child and it was clear early on that she had strenghts in the area of gymnastics. She went on to take classes and join competitive teams. While looking for a little "extra" for her, we found BTA. Emma spent the last year taking two classes a week, attending summer camp and also having a private lesson with Jen. What a warm and welcoming place BTA is. Our daughter is supported, encouraged and her safety, while continuing to make progress in gymnastics, is always a priority at BTA. Jen has such a great personality, she is able make special relationships with her students. Our daughter loves her and respects her. We have seen tremendous improvements in Emma's tumbling skills through her training at BTA. Jen focuses on learning everything just the right way, which is so important to prevent injuries. Emma also feels that BTA Sumer Camp has been the "best camp" she's ever been to...what a blast she has with everyone! We look forward to a long relationship with Jen and BTA as we watch our daughter grow and learn."


Pam Wanstall




"Bouncy floor, tumble track giant pit of foam blocks?  What more what can a kid want? I have been to a dozen birthday parties there all have been excellent.  Now my seven year old is at Tumble Camp.  The owner Jen a doll and is always available to fix any problem.  The staff is warm and helpful.  I can't think of a better place to send your child.  Classes in cheering and tumbling are offered throughout the year.
Open gym is also a great time to let your child burn off some energy especially on the rainy and cold days."
Diane O'Brien
"My 7 year old daughter has been tumbling with Jen for the past year.  It is by far her favorite after-school activity, her favorite camp and her number one choice of birthday party location!  As a new tumbler at age 6, my daughter was a little intimidated by her lack of experience with the equipment and the tumbling moves, not to mention all the new classmates.  Jen was extremely patient with her—there was no pressure whatsoever to master her cartwheel or do a perfectly straight handstand.  Jen treats each child as an individual and celebrates each child’s strengths—she makes them feel good about themselves no matter what their skill level.  In my daughter’s case, that was holding a “candlestick” the longest during a candlestick contest.  After a year of tumbling, my daughter’s enthusiasm for the class continues to grow, but more importantly, the boost to her self-confidence continues to make a positive impact in her daily life.  Thanks Jen!"

Marci Alpert